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Arrival in Japan, Part II

Hello again! Here’s an update of my adventures in Japan up until now.  ^__^

A couple days after we finished the orientations, we had a group trip to Nagoya and Sakae. Since I had already been to Sakae, I spent most of my time there scouting out new food spots, before heading off to Nagoya proper, where we first and foremost went to 名古屋城 Nagoya-Jou, or Nagoya Castle. It was an amazing place to visit. Usually, when one thinks of Japan, the old castles are some of the first images that pop up in one’s head. This particular one was interesting because it was one of the forts built by Oda Nobunaga, who used the strongholds to unify Japan. This was my favorite picture. After going leaving the castle, we went to some of the stores in Nagoya, which included Animate (basically a huge anime store) and Big Camera, a tech store, where I bought a 電子辞書 denshi jisho, or electronic dictionary (it was expensive, but hopefully it was a good investment).

The next three days were language class placement tests. It was harrowing set of days. The first day everyone took a computerized grammar test…. unfortunately, I was one of a few students whose connection died on them (they had had a problem with their server), which made me redo entirely a whole huge section of the exam, and it didn’t help that I wasn’t completely confident in my abilities of the section, so I was just really flustered. The results later that day had me taking the next day’s exam, which meant I was in danger of being placed in the lower class (which would have sucked, since I’ve been taking Japanese for the past two and a half years). And it was supposed be a grammar test, then a kanji test, but there was another server problem, and we were forced to do the kanji test (which very few of us were adequately prepared for, since we were prepped for a grammar test), and as you can iamgine I was a little really scared of not making it into the higher classes, but thankfully I scored high enough to make it into the next test the next day, which was mainly reading and listening comprehension and writing. It was tougher, but more enjoyable without that pressure. In the end, the results I received placed me in the 301 class, which is not my first choice, but satisfactory nonetheless.

Which brings me to today. Today was the entrance ceremony for the new students entering the university, so we were given a special welcome by the president of the university, and then we got a welcoming party in the Communication Plaza (with lots of great free food!! 😀 ). We got to see displays from some of the clubs, and I would really like to join the kendou or archey clubs XD

I’m definitely enjoying my experiences so far in Japan, and I will try and get some more fun stuff squeezed in here in the time until language classes start on the second. I know we’ll be going on an O-Hanami (watching the sakura blossoms) a couple of days, once on the third and once later in the week, which will be loads of fun. Plus Easter Mass in Japan; should be interesting and exciting.

Hope everyone’s doing well back home!! ^__^

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  1. Guy Cecil
    April 1, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Oh! That sounds like fun! I can’t wait to hear about Easter Mass in Japan. You’ll have to tell me all about it!

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